Erin Youngbar

I am the mother of three beautiful children, Lucas, Addy, and Kierstyn. I married my husband Josh, in May of 1999 and we live in Hagerstown, Maryland. The two most important things to me are my faith and my family. Throughout my life, I have had a heart for serving God and others, which gives me great joy and purpose. 

Around Christmas of 2012, I began experiencing numbness and hypersensitivity on the left side of my body. Testing revealed that I have a grade three brain tumor that cannot be removed through surgery. I  immediately began treatment at John’s Hopkins Hospital, undergoing radiation and chemotherapy.

While this path is difficult, my prayer is that God will use me as I trust Him and His plan for my life. By sharing my journey, I hope to encourage others, who may be experiencing a difficult time and an uncertain path.