Week 3

This week has been difficult and it is only Wednesday! Josh and I left Sunday night for Baltimore so we wouldn't have to travel in the snow. On Monday I had a long afternoon at the hospital but I was finally able to meet with my Medical Oncology nurse. My treatments were so late in the evenings when I first started that it created issues with my lab and nurse schedule but finally those issues have been resolved. My labs looked good again this week and everything is in the normal range. However, the machine went down again and I could not have my radiation treatment yesterday or today. They hope to have the repairs completed today and if so I will have treatment tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday. Josh and I came home last night but I haven't been feeling well. It is becoming increasingly difficult to travel. I have been nauseous and the numbness I have been experiencing has been worse this week. I was told that the third week of treatment is when it becomes more difficult and to expect my symptoms to worsen before they improve. I know God is in control. He knows what I need and I am resting in that. Thank you for praying because everyday I see God working, even in the smallest details.