MRI Update

Thank you everyone for your encouraging words, prayers, and support. Today was not an easy day. After my MRI we met with my medical oncologist to discuss the scans. The scans did show some things that need to be addressed. It looks as if there is a significant increase in swelling  more towards the front of the brain where my motor skills would be effected. This is probably why I so quickly lost the use of my left arm and hand. It also looks like this is pushing on the center line of my brain.  He checked the strength of my hand and arm and because I was unable to release his hand or raise my arm, I was sent upstairs for a 20mg IV of Steroids to give me a boost in reducing the swelling. I will begin a high dose of steroids at home and hope to see improvement over the next several days. He said it is not unusual to see a reoccurrence of radiation side effects 8 months later and he said sometimes they can show up even later. However, the enhancement from my last scan that was in the treatment field looks as if it is increasing in size at this time. He thinks I have both an increase in swelling and growth of tumor. Therefore, my scans will be discussed with my neurology team, including my surgeon, and radiation oncologist. From there they will recommend which course of action would be the best for me at this time. Hopefully, we will have more information by tomorrow. He did say that it was good that I called right away and came this week to be evaluated. Josh and I are doing okay.  It was obviously difficult to hear but because of how quickly things changed We were somewhat prepared for it. I will update again as soon as possible. Blessings and love to you all!